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How to Tie Stretch Elastic Ribbons on Ballet Pointe Shoes

It’s so exciting when your daughter gets her first pair of pointe shoes, but it can also be stressful.  She’s gotten the ribbons and elastics sewn on, but what are they actually for?  How should she tie them so they do what they’re supposed to do?  We will describe the two most common ways to tie pointe shoe ribbons. She should choose the method that’s best for her.

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What is Graham Technique?

Martha Graham once said, “My dancing is not an attempt to interpret life. It is the affirmation of life through movement.” Her choreography is known for its dramatic exploration of the human psyche and interpersonal relationships, with inspiration coming from sources including her childhood in rural Pennsylvania and Greek Mythology. 

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What is Bournonville Method?

The Bournonville method, created in the Romantic era of ballet, was created by the Danish dancer and choreographer, August Bournonville in the mid-1800’s.  This style of ballet is known for small, fast footwork (bravura), emphasized by movements of the torso, arms, and head in the direction of the feet (epaulement).  Additionally, Bournonville ballets require a lot of acting and mime work.

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