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WHY do I need a password?

Well I wanted to make playlists directly on youtube for you to access easily but……

Because of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Youtube no longer allows content aimed at children to be put into playlists on their platform and as a parent of young children, I appreciate the effort they are going to do this because honestly who knows what someone can squeeze into a playlist between the content you are actually ok with your child watching and what they want to promote to your kids.

I created these playlists because it always takes me ages to set up the next video my kids want to watch as I search a channel for content so I thought to help you out I would create video lists for each recommended channel on a page so you can quickly press play on the next video (Please note there will still be ads that support the Youtube content creator to make more videos for you and you can access Youtube at any time through the video).

To get access to the pages you need a password which you can get when you join hundreds of other Dance Parents like yourself who receive a weekly newsletter with free printables, access to pages likes these and more freebies all based on dance and movement.