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Hi, I am Samantha the owner and creator of Dance Parent 101 and I am looking at hiring a small team of writers to create helpful articles for With four kids I am just not able by myself to write the hundreds of articles I have planned for Dance Parent 101 to make it into the ultimate resource for dancers and their parents.

I have also been working hard at creating a Youtube channel for Dance Parent 101 and its sister website and channel Move Dance Learn and so my time for writing articles has become a little scarce. I also realize that my experience of the dance world is just one person’s and I would like to share the wisdom of others who are eager to contribute and help build this site into a valuable and helpful resource about dance in general.

The Dance Parent 101 website primarily focuses on the styles of ballet, jazz, and tap as well as those styles that branch from these such as lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop, commercial dance, etc… But as the website grows I would be interested in hearing from you if you have extensive experience in another form or style of dance as well.

Professionals such as physios, nutritionists, or psychologists who work with dancers, dance teachers, professional dancers, or those in dance science needing some extra income are more than welcome to apply. But don’t worry if you are not an “expert” I am after writers who have experience with exams, different syllabuses/curriculums, competitions, making costumes and props, having children or students in pre-professional schools or in a professional company, or experience with nearly any other dance-related activity. This sentence is just a test to see if you have read all the information on the page, please type the words first position into the dance styles section before answering the question in the application form, any application without it will be immediately deleted. And at the end of the day, if you are interested in writing for Dance Parent 101, you need to remember our primary audience are the parents and carers of dancers, not just the dancers themselves which I feel sites and magazines such as Dance Magazine and Dance Spirit do a great job with addressing already!

PAYMENT ranges from between $0.02-$0.05 US per word and all articles are all either 1,300, 2,000, or 3,000 words in length. Article lengths are assigned based on the topic, and you will get a chance to choose topics and articles that interest you, so you’ll know up-front how much you’ll be paid for your efforts. This means experienced writers will be paid either $65, $100, or $150 US per article depending on the length.

How will you know how much per word you will be paid? The following is just a framework dependent on experience, education or training. Please note that if your experience places you in the lower bracket, this does not mean you would stay there indefinitely as commitment and great writing that I do not need to edit or make any changes to will make a difference!

$ 0.05 – Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Psychologist, Syllabus examiner, experienced studio owner etc…
$ 0.04-0.03 – Dance parent, college student, pre-professional student, dance teacher (dependent on writing skill, research and knowledge and how much time I need to put into editing your writing)
$0.02 – Probation Rate for first two articles once an application is accepted.

A probation rate is in place because writing for a successful blog that relies mainly on organic views from search engines rather than through ads or Pinterest is not like writing a school or college essay or because that is what you feel like writing that day. You will need training as I assist you in developing your knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and P24 or Income School practices (A proven method to increase gaining snippets and page one rankings on search engines such as Google). Payment per word will be set and negotiated after I accept two articles from you that are published on the Dance Parent 101 website – these will be ghostwritten (see next point).

CREDIT.  Most writers will have their bio appear on their articles where you can also mention a social media profile in that bio or link to your dance school or business website etc… However, many articles will also be requested to be ghost-written. For example, an article about the best gifts for ballet dancers or if you were to finish off an article I started a while ago writing short definitions of the different styles of dance or for those times I prepare the bulk of an article, and rewrite or add more information to the draft you create.

TRAINING. All successful writers regardless of skill will be required to watch a training video produced by my mentors Jim and Ricky at Income School to which I will provide the link. This is imperative to understand the writing process, format, and method of the articles you will write to be published on Dance Parent 101.

SCHEDULE. All writers will be expected to produce two articles per month. It is critical that you not miss any submission dates, ever. Writers who miss submission dates will be let go. For most freelance writers, two to three articles per month is perfect so they have plenty of time to work on it without being overwhelmed, but writers can almost always pick up additional articles to write if you’d like more work. Submission dates are currently set at the 15th and 30th of every month.

PLAGIARISM: All writing will be checked for copyright and plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated and writers will be let go immediately if the content is not the writer’s own in any form.

OWNERSHIP. You understand and agree that ALL photos, videos, written content, and all other media submitted to Dance Parent 101 becomes the exclusive property of Bellerose & Co. and you do not have the right to republish that content on your own or any other site.

LEGAL. This opportunity is available for writers around the world. This is a freelance writing gig and you will be an independent contractor and receive a contract at the start of the year or at the beginning of your term. Dance Parent 101 and Move Dance Learn are owned, operated, and published by Bellerose & Co. an independent website publishing business located in NSW, Australia.

Ready? Apply below. You will receive an email confirming your application has been sent by google forms. I will only contact successful candidates, on a rolling basis as spots are open. Watch for an email from me with the address Good luck, I can’t wait to work with you!

About the Author

Samantha Bellerose

Samantha is a wife and mother of four kids aged 1-9. She danced and acted from the age of 5 and performed in film clips, on television, and in musical theatre professionally. She also taught dance, but after leaving the profession to backpack through Europe, Canada and the USA with her husband for three years, she then completed an Education Degree and taught within primary schools in Australia. Today she is a business owner with her husband and the creator and writer for Dance Parent 101 where she hopes her previous experience as a dancer, current experience as a dance parent and the research and writing skills she gained completing her education degree will help enlighten parents on their journey with their child through the world of dance.